Brent Baiotto - Growth and Change Leader in Financial Industry

About Brent Baiotto

The executive vice president of Integrated Holistic Services, Brent Baiotto prepared for his career as a growth and change leader within the financial services industry by earning a bachelor of arts in business from California State University, San Bernardino, and a master of business administration from California State University, Pomona. Upon graduation, Brent Baiotto took on the position of manager at KPMG, LLP, where he provided financial institutions with a range of business solutions, from regulatory compliance and risk management, project management, and fee enhancement. There, he gained insights into how companies succeed and executives think, as well as achieved distinction as a leader of enterprise risk management.

Starting in 2006, Brent Baiotto began to carry out the duties of a business executive. He served as the executive vice president of the Operational Risk Management Group (ORMG) at Countrywide Bank, the transition program office executive at Bank of America, the executive vice president at Union Bank, and the executive vice president of the business transformation and strategic initiatives office at Freedom Mortgage. As a result, he gained experience assisting major financial services organizations in such areas as organizational change management, program management, risk management, and business growth and transformation. At Integrated Holistic Services, Brent Baiotto applies his expertise in these matters for his clients.